Welcome to Denluk

Denluk is a specialist
fibrous plastering company
and from our Workshop we can reproduce high quality
ornamental plasterwork.

We have experienced craftsmen
to carry out installation and restoration.

Private State, Winsum
Bundespresseamt, Berlin
Kleine Huisjes, Groningen
Lage der Aa, Groningen
Pastorie, Warffum
Ossenmarkt, Groningen
  • Frescolori
    A unique natural product based on calcium
    Frescolori Plaster delivers Colors and plasters of the highest quality and warrented naturalness for indoor use emerge here. Frescolori: - Has high water vapour permeability. The benefits: dry walls capable of releasing trapped humidity. Even backing plaster can breathe. -Stains can be cleaned with a brush and clear water. A small amount...
  • Raffaello
    Venetian Plaster for Interiors
    Venetian Plaster Raffaello Decor Stucco by OIKOS is natural polished lime based plaster inspired by the Venetian "Maestri" of the past. Its natural composition guarantees maximum vapor permeability, protecting it over time from the formation of mould and bacteria. Raffaello D├ęcor Stucco Venetian Plaster, it's an extremely versatile...
  • Microcemento
    Quick Placement in 34 colors
    MicroCement is a colored cementitious layer, 1-2 mm thick. It may be applied over existing coatings, such as ceramic tiles, tiles and mosaics. It is a good-taste, quickly-applied and easy-to-maintain material. Rooms may be renovated without the mess, dirtiness and cost of traditional works. Dirtiness and cost of traditional works Smooth...